How to calculate volume in milliliters in a given mass ..

chem solutions


a) moles of sucrose = 0.280/342.3

            = 0.000818 moles of   C12H22O11

             but 0.82 moles = 1000mL

              therefore 0.000818 moles = 0.000818/0.82 x 1000

                          =0.9976 mL

b)         moles of sucrose = 4.3/342.3

                 = 0.0126 moles of  C12H22O11

                 but 0.82 moles = 1000mL

          therefore 0.0126 moles = 0.0126/0.82 x 1000

                            = 15.37 mL



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