If 0.499 moles of zinc reacts with excess lead (iv) sulfate, how many grams of zinc sulfate would be produced in the following reaction? Pb(SO4)2 + 2Zn ——–>2ZnSO4 + Pb

Given ;

moles of Zn = 0.499

having the balanced equation

Pb(SO4)2 + 2Zn ——————-> 2ZnSO4 + Pb

From the equation, 2 moles of Zinc reacts to produce 2 moles of Zinc sulfate

0.499 moles of Zn will produce 2/2 x 0.499 = 0.499 moles of ZnSO4

moles of ZnSO4 produced = 0.499 moles

we know that molar mass of ZnSO4 = 161.47 g/mol

mass = molar mass x moles

mass = 161.47g/mol x 0.499 mol

=80.57 g

Therefore 80.57g of zinc sulfate will be produced

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